Highly Targeted
Free trial
Only pay
for results
No long
& analysis
system & support

Instantly promote and
to a targeted,
on-island audience

The Blabdog™ app for Android and iOS
enables tourists to hit the ground
running. It offers multi-lingual,
location-based access and engagement
with the best local Ibiza businesses and
information instantly.

Blabdog becomes the user’s loyal companion, sniffing out the best offers and hunting local businesses and services. Ready to search on command around the user, Blabdog fetches products, tickets, reservations or deliveries and protects their payments, earning you rewards along the way.

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Take the lead over
your competitors

Blabdog is a sophisticated mobile marketplace platform. It’s designed for businesses to offer deals, incentives, delivery services, event and activity tickets to Ibiza’s fast-moving tourism sector.

Blabdog offers an exceptionally user-friendly mobile experience. It provides a showcase for your deals and services in a clear map or list view with location indication. Blabdog is multi-lingual, available in English, Spanish, Italian, German and French. It is backed up with 24/7 multi-lingual support for users and businesses.

Only pay for results.

No set up fees, no monthly fees, no long contracts.

Highly targeted push and proximity pull technology.

Offer multi-lingual deals and incentives.

Offer last minute and mid-event deals.

Instant, secure
e-ticketing solution.

eCommerce solutions
for products and services.

Fast digital handshake verification.

Full delivery support with
real-time tracking.

Integrate into reservation systems or generate request emails with full client booking information.

Easy-to-use, cloud-based business management.

Dedicated, Ibiza-based business managers.

24/7 multi-lingual
telephone support.

“Mobile is all around us, digital technologies are changing faster than most brands can keep up with. Agility is the key to success, but exactly how can retailers remain up to speed with consumers today? Enter location-based marketing.”


“Location is one of the most powerful levers to build mobile engagement, because it allows you to deliver real-time content that is highly relevant to your user’s physical location.”

Target Marketing

“Marketers are missing a massive opportunity to impact their business if they don’t take location seriously. The smartest brands and companies will turn good quality data into smart, actionable consumer insights and business strategies.”